The following Dhamma books of Ajahn Chah have been included in this collection of Ajahn Chah's Dhamma talks:

  • Bodhinyana (1982)

  • A Taste of Freedom (fifth impression - 2002)

  • Living Dhamma (1992)

  • Food for the Heart (1992)

  • The Path to Peace (1996)

  • Clarity of Insight (2000)

  • Unshakeable Peace (2003)

  • Everything is Teaching Us (2004)

The formatting used in these books varies, so some changes were necessary to make the formatting more uniform. Also an effort has been made to find and correct mistakes in the text. The first chapter of 'A Taste of Freedom' (Training this Mind) has been newly translated. Of some talks1 in the book 'Everything is Teaching Us' the original, more complete translation was preferred above the published, edited version. Also two talks2 which were left out of 'Everything is Teaching Us' in a previous printing have now again been included. The book 'The Key to Liberation' is not included in this collection; in its place 'Unshakeable Peace' was chosen to be included, being an alternative translation of the talk previously translated as 'The Key to Liberation'.

We hope our efforts in compiling this collection of Dhamma talks of Ajahn Chah will bring benefits to the readers.

The compilers and editors,
Bhikkhus Dhammajoti and Gavesako.


... talks1

Namely; 'Knowing the World', 'Understanding Dukkha' and 'Monastery of Confusion'

... talks2

Namely; 'Right Restraint' and 'Even One Word is Enough'

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